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When you travel for vacation, a roadtrip, to visit friends, or to go to a park, you want to re-experience it again by writing in a journal or taking photos. But that one snapshot is only a tiny part of traveling; 95% of traveling experience is in transit: the windy stroll from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, the sounds when you are driving on the Autobahn, or the pouring rain on the bridge. Geolocation data that can be automatically tracked on a smartphone can be used to figure out the weather at every moment, photos from Flickr and Google Street View at every step, and even your mode of transportation and nearby geographical features. Rewind takes that and applies the weather conditions to the photos to recreate what you saw, and combines them with sounds based on your mode of transportation of nearby geographical features. So all you have to do is enable location tracking on your phone to rewind and re-experience the past.





Eda Celen
Phucanh Tran
Linda Park
Jiahui Li
Prateek Arora